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The main objective of Naturcyl is to spread the values of Ecotourism, or what is the same, traveling responsibly to natural areas, collaborating in their conservation, supporting the well-being of the local population and creating knowledge through the interpretation and education of all the people involved: ecotourists, companies and local population. 

It is well known that the impact of ecotourism is not only economic, but fundamentally 

socio-economic, since it involves the local population, mainly rural. The achievements obtained in the economic order benefit areas that, in general, are depressed from the economic and financial point of view, but that have important natural resources, in addition to other values such as a rich cultural and traditional heritage.

For all these reasons, Naturcyl, within its program of activities, organizes an interesting series of conferences, with highly prestigious speakers, thus contributing to the event's importance from a cultural point of view, and not only from a tourist one. . 

Naturcyl, in this edition, joins the celebration of the V Centenary of the 1st Tour around the world Magallanes-Elcano, and trips to distant worlds will be the protagonists. Our speakers have traveled many corners of our Planet and will tell us about their experiences, experiences and their vision of the future of ecotourism and international travel.

Among others, we want to highlight the following conferences:

– “Primus Circumdo Te, the value of the adventure of creative citizen science” by Sun of the Quadra-Salcedo, Naturcyl 2022 matron of honor.

– “In the last frontiers of the planet” by Sebastian Alvaro, journalist, writer and mountaineer.

– “Bird by bird I knew the Earth” by Jordi Sargatal i Vicens, zoologist and author of numerous articles and books on ornithology, among which stands out the “Handbook of the Birds of the World”.

– “Elkano, Primus. The first circumnavigation of the world in 1522” by Rafa Zulaika and Ion Irurzun, Elkano Foundation.

– “V Centenary of the First Circumnavigation. The Embrace of the World” by Juan Ozores Massó, Captain of the Navy, Head of the Department of Studies and Research of the Institute of Naval History and Culture of the Navy.

– “We are all part of the Ocean Sea” by Joaquin Araujo, farmer, naturalist, writer and philosopher.

– “Accompanying Magallanes and Elcano: protected natural areas through which they passed on their route” by Natalia Beltran Diaz, Head of the International Relations Service of the OAPN (Autonomous Organization for National Parks).

– “Criteria that will determine the future regulation of ecotourism as a tourist activity in Castilla y León” by Angel Gonzalez Pieras, General Director of Tourism of the Junta de Castilla y León.

– Audition “Travels, seas and other worlds” by Carlos de Hita, sound technician and specialized in the sounds of nature.

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