As in previous years, Naturcyl, through several exhibitions, turns to art, history, environmental awareness and, of course, rural development.

In the exclusive exhibition tent you can visit the following samples:

photographic exhibition of “V Nature and Ecotourism Photography Contest Naturcyl 2022”. A selection of the finalist and award-winning photographs among the hundreds that have been presented in this edition of this year's contest.

Photographic exhibition: “Land of Bustards”. Carlos Sanchez Alonso. The Castilian plateau is a vital space for numerous animal and plant species, which have already disappeared in other European countries. The importance of this habitat in Castilla y León is evidenced by the fact that the world's largest population of great bustards is found here, as well as a good representation of the rest of the steppe fauna.
The Castilian steppes are the result of human activity developed over centuries, which by maintaining traditional agricultural practices has guaranteed the conservation of steppe birds and their habitat, a conservation that today is in danger.
This exhibition exalts the beauty of the open horizons of Tierra de Campos, of the intimate life of the great bustards, the true queens of the plain, as well as of some other typical species in these fields.
Although many times the image of Castilla y León is associated with these immense plains, paradoxically, we find ourselves before one of the most unknown landscapes and also often unfairly ignored.

Exposition: "The ship that went around the world". Aristides Hernandez. Illustrations by the Cuban artist Arístides Hernández (Ares) created for the homonymous book by Joseba Sarrionandia (Pamiela, 2022). Elkano Foundation.

Exposition: "Biosphere reserves". The Biosphere Reserves exhibition explains how these protected natural spaces are managed, where they are located, the similarities between them, etc., in order to better understand these places where nature and society go hand in hand. This exhibition arises from the collaboration between the MaB Program Office in Spain and CENEAM.

Exposition: “Life Wetlands for Climate Project”. Global Nature Foundation. The exhibition tries to explain in a technical and simple way at the same time, with many examples, colors and graphics, both for adults and children, what is climate change, its causes and consequences?, what are wetlands and what is their role in the environment and as allies against climate change?, the difference between healthy wetlands and altered wetlands, and the relationship of human beings both with climate change and with wetlands.

Exposition: "Roots of Castile" Raíces de Castilla Commonwealth: a paradise in the north of Burgos. Frías, Oña and Poza de la Sal, three medieval destinations located in the Montes Obarenes Natural Park and in the mountains that fueled the great naturalist Félix Rodríguez de la Fuente's love for nature.

For more information: www.naturcyl.es

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