NATURCYL will celebrate its sixth edition from September 15 to 17, 2023, in Ruesga, Palencia, in the heart of the Palencia Mountain. 

The rich tourist resources of all the autonomous communities, provinces and regions of Spain make this country one of the most attractive for tourism worldwide. This sixth edition we present the Outstanding National Destination Naturcyl 2023, one of those regions that captivate all nature and ecotourism lovers:

Extremadura, National Naturcyl Destination 2023

Extremadura is a natural paradise with an incredible diversity of landscapes that invites you to love the land, take care of it and respect it. The meadow, the most characteristic forest and hallmark of Extremadura, occupies more than one million hectares and constitutes an ecological paradise as it has one of the best-preserved ecosystems in Europe. Holm oak and cork oak forests, where scrub vegetation is scarce or almost non-existent. 

Our region is committed to sustainable tourism in which to enjoy nature with all five senses in a responsible way. Tourists and travelers who respect the local culture, support the trade in the area and who are considerate of the impact that their presence can have both in the rural world and in nature. 

The territory of Extremadura has a large part of the natural paths conditioned for the use and enjoyment of the tourist, and for the practice of activities in nature. The extensive network of public rural roads is more than 70,000 kilometres, we are talking about long or short-distance hiking trails, local trails, and 5 nature trails. On the other hand, Extremadura has 4 Greenways Nature Trails: Vegas del Guadiana to Las Villuercas Greenway Nature Trail, Mina La Jayona Greenway Nature Trail, Monfragüe Greenway Nature Trail, and Vía de la Plata. With more than 2,000 kilometers of roads, trails and tracks to enjoy your bike routes, Extremadura invites you to explore its meadows, chestnut, oak, and holm oak forests... Routes through the Monfragüe National Park, the Villuercas-Ibores-Jara Geopark , through the Cornalvo Natural Park or the Tagus International Natural Park, an exceptional setting for cycling with friends or family. Rolling along the Vía de la Plata, arriving from Europe through the Eurovelo road network or finding out about routes to suit you in any of the BTT centers that Extremadura has, are many of the options that you will have and can enjoy in the territory extremeno.

Extremadura is a true ornithological paradise due to the excellent state of conservation of its natural habitats and the high diversity of its landscapes. The region is among the most desired destinations for bird watchers and nature lovers from around the world. If we add to this its interesting historical heritage and its gastronomy, we can speak of a destination of excellence for ornithological tourism. The 74.1 % of the Extremadura territory is included in the inventory of Important Areas for Birds in Spain, an exceptional situation in Spain and Europe.

Extremadura is the perfect destination for observing the starry sky, due to very low light pollution, low population density and territorial distribution around small and medium-sized towns. This fact is added to the great environmental quality and favorable weather conditions that we enjoy most of the year. There are several Starlight Tourist Destinations in the region, such as the Mofragüe National Park and Biosphere Reserve, in the province of Cáceres, and El Gran Lago Alqueva in the province of Badajoz. 

Extremadura is the perfect setting for the interaction of rural areas and the new demands of today's leisure and relaxation society. The set of the various regions of Extremadura has a wide network of rural accommodation: hotels, houses, apartments, farmhouses, mansions, cabins, castles, mills, which, together with the warmth and attention of its owners, makes it an attractive offer. .

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