The Ecotourism Fair NATURCYL 2019, held in Ruesga (Cervera de Pisuerga, Palencia) on September 27, 28 and 29, within the Natural Park environment Palentine Mountain it was a success. An economic study has concluded that NATURCYL contributes 1.5 million euros mainly to the region of Palencia, but also to other enclaves of Castile and Leon.

The fair NATURCYL 2019 has already proven to be one of the most important ecotourism fairs on the Spanish scene and without a doubt one of the most important events in the province of Palencia and Castilla y León.

This second edition has highlighted that the sustainable tourism, the environmental conservation and the country world, they have a long way to go in promoting their resources.

this year 2019 NATURCYL has expanded its exhibition space 30%, more than 70 exhibitors, more than 300 brands represented and with new sectors such as new technologies applied to ecotourism and the conservation of natural heritage or astrotourism. In turn, the public has been the verification of the success of NATURCYL 2019 with an increase of 27%, coming to visit the fair a total of 7.000 people in the three days of celebration of the fair.

All these visitors have been able to enjoy activities designed for all types of audiences.
But without a doubt it is necessary to emphasize the social and economic impact in the region.
For the first year in the short life of NATURCYL, the organization has commissioned a specialized company to carry out a study of the economic impact of the fair, which has yielded the following data and conclusions:

Impacto económico de NATURCYL 2019 en la comarca

With this data we can extract the following:
1st) The fair has been a success.
2nd) pray It is a propitious place for its realization.
3rd) The preparation And later developing have been quasi-perfect. Everything can be improved, taking into account the great effort involved in preparing an event of these characteristics.
4th) The amount of spending, both tangible and potential, for the area and the adjacent capitals yields a positive and encouraging both for rural tourism and for the celebration of a new edition (remember that this is the second edition of NATURCYL).
5th) The ecotourism and, specifically, in Castilla y León, taking into account the data produced by the surveys carried out, as well as the various media consulted, continues upward, and it is the right time to enhance existing strengths with the aim of making a sustainable model for the regional economy.
So, NATURCYL is an element dynamizer of the ecotourism sector, as well as an important generator of economic activity throughout the region where the event takes place.

NATURCYL creates wealth in the region of Cervera de Pisuerga and in Castilla y León, with new ideas development for the future for him country world, so in need of increasing its activity and therefore its population.

NATURCYL has already positioned itself as a essential event on the agenda of businessmen, administrations, foundations, associations and citizens interested in traveling and discovering the world in a sustainable and with the utmost respect for Natural spaces.

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