The IV Ecotourism Fair NATURCYL 2021 celebrated the World Forest Day on March 21. The fourth edition of NATURCYL which will be held from September 24 to 26, will be dedicated to the conservation of forests as an essential resource for the survival of a large part of the world's population and the planet's biodiversity.

NATURCYL It will hold its fourth edition from September 24 to 26, 2021 in the district of Ruesga, municipality of Cervera de Pisuerga in the province of Palencia, in the surroundings of the Montaña Palentina Natural Park. This appointment will be a great opportunity to claim what is necessary to make an adequate management of all forest ecosystems.

NATURCYL aims to raise awareness of the health and environmental problems caused by the destruction of forests. Show visitors the relationship of human beings with nature through the lungs of the Earth.

Forests cover a third of the earth's surface and play a fundamental role in the life – and future – of the planet. They represent the main source of food, medicine and fuel for more than 1.6 billion people around the world. In addition to helping to respond to climate change and protect soils and water, from a biological point of view, forests are the most diverse terrestrial ecosystems: they are home to more than three quarters of the world's terrestrial biodiversity. And yet in 2019 alone we lost the equivalent of a football field of primary rainforest every 6 seconds.

In this 4th Edition, NATURCYL It will have the forests as a common thread, as an instrument for the conservation of biodiversity, as a tourist resource, as an element of relaxation for this society in need of a healthy life or as an economic resource for our rural world. Forests give us raw materials such as wood, paper, mushrooms, grasses, cork, resin, fruits, active ingredients of many medicines. They are buffers against possible pandemics, sinks of CO2They regulate the climate, the hydrological cycle, purify water, prevent erosion, prevent flooding, and are sources of biodiversity. In addition, they are places of recreation, of environmental education, they help to heal our bodies and minds.

NATURCYL It is celebrated in an autonomous community such as Castilla y León, one of the regions with the largest and best preserved forest mass in Europe. The place where it is located NATURCYL, is a place surrounded by splendid Cantabrian forests, a spectacular space in the mountains of Palencia.

Experts, technicians and forest managers will help us understand what the sustainable management of forest masses is like and how these ecosystems can be used for the correct development of the surrounding populations.

NATURCYL will also be a forum for the exchange of ideas and business opportunities between professionals and lovers of ecotourism, nature and rural areas throughout Spain, and this year also from beyond our borders, since international destinations will attend.

NATURCYL has already established itself as one of the most important events in the ecotourism sector in Spain, and after successfully overcoming the challenge of holding NATURCYL 2020, despite the great difficulties imposed on us by the health crisis, this 4th Edition It will be of great importance to everyone.

This will be the first, and perhaps the only face-to-face nature tourism fair to be held in Spain this year. For this reason, the fair will comply with all the necessary protocols for its normal development and avoiding any health problem.

The IV edition of NATURCYL presents a complete program of activities, open to all audiences, with the aim of boosting and complementing the exhibition offer of the fair. The second edition of the Classics in Nature concerts, dedicated to forests, will be organized.

There will be a wide range of workshops, round tables, conferences, photography and film activities, hiking or gastronomy, among many other alternatives.

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