500 years ago, a sailor from Getaria, Juan Sebastián Elcano, changed history in innumerable aspects of human life, and of the planet in general.

What happened five centuries ago gives us a basis on which to open processes of collective reflection on issues inspired by that first trip around the world; the relationship between peoples and civilizations, sustainability, the impact of science and technology on the development of society, coexistence between cultures and globalization. Because the first circumnavigation had extraordinary consequences both on a local and planetary scale. From now on, nothing would be like before.

The search for new adventures, the confirmation of the theories that it was possible to go around the earth, knowing new lands and seas, made the culmination of this feat. Although we cannot compare in any way the people who travel the planet today with those adventurers of the 16th century, the human being continues to seek his adventures and discover new places by traveling. The desire to travel, not only has not diminished, but every day we travel further and further.

The 5th Naturcyl Ecotourism Fair 2022 wants to join the celebration of this important event, which changed the course of humanity. The Kano Foundation, collaborator of Naturcyl 2022, will be present in different activities in the next edition of Naturcyl.

Travel around the world will be the common thread of a good part of the talks and workshops that are being organized for Naturcyl 2022, one of the most important ecotourism fairs in Spain.

The V edition of Naturcyl will be held from September 23 to 25 in its usual location, in the district of Ruesga, municipality of Cervera de Pisuerga in the province of Palencia, in the Montaña Palentina Natural Park. Naturcyl intends to emphasize the importance of international ecotourism for the development of numerous countries in which sustainable tourism is a fundamental basis of their economic income.

The place where Naturcyl is celebrated is a place surrounded by splendid Cantabrian forests, an outstanding space in the mountains of Palencia. Experts, renowned travelers and managers of ecotourism destinations will help us understand how to travel around the world in a sustainable way.

Naturcyl will also be a forum for the exchange of ideas and business opportunities between professionals and lovers of ecotourism, nature and rural areas throughout Spain, and this year also from beyond our borders, since international destinations will attend.

The V edition of Naturcyl presents a complete program of activities, open to all audiences, with the aim of boosting and complementing the exhibition offer of the fair. The third edition of the Classics in Nature concerts will be organized, dedicated to trips around the world, and the second edition of the Nature Photography Day will be held. There will also be a wide range of workshops, round tables, conferences, photography and film activities, hiking or gastronomy, among many other alternatives.

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