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The FITUR International Tourism Fair exceeded all expectations in the 2022 edition. A total of 111,000 attendees attended the fair, as well as a multitude of tourism professionals from 127 countries. Naturcyl went to promote the 2022 edition.

At the Castilla y León stand, the Junta set up a commercial space with 20 work tables, where meetings and business meetings were held by businessmen from the Castilian and Leonese sectors. 

This space was used by the organization of the International Ecotourism Fair of Castilla y León, Naturcyl, to hold different meetings with other businessmen and public entities with the aim of involving them in the next edition of Naturcyl.

The Director of Naturcyl, Mr. Carlos Sánchez Alonso, was also able to exchange views on the next edition of the Naturcyl Fair, with the President of the Regional Government of Castilla y León, Mr. Alfonso Fernández Mañueco, during one of his visits to the Regional Government stand .


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