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The Program of Activities of the 3rd edition of NATURCYL 2020.

This year's Program is full of novelties and interesting activities. It will be difficult to choose which one to attend or participate in, but this is solved by spending the whole weekend in NATURCYL.

The activities are aimed at all people interested in enjoying nature in a wide spectrum of outdoor possibilities such as rural tourism, wildlife observation, photography, hiking, mountains, astronomy, botany, the rural world, etc.

This year we will have the province of Cáceres as a Leading Destination, we can safely say that it is one of the provinces with the most natural resources in our country. They will organize several activities throughout the weekend.

Friday begins the day with the Nature Tourism Hiring Market with European tour operators and businessmen in the sector. During the morning the representatives of the different Administrations will proceed to the official opening of the fair and throughout the day it will be possible to attend interesting conferences or participate in different workshops. The day will culminate at 8:00 p.m. with a unique classical music concert, performing works inspired by nature by the young Quartet16 quartet. And when night falls, the Diputación de Cáceres will delight us with an innovative activity of astronomy and wine tasting, in the light of the stars.

On Saturday the suggestive sound concert by Carlos de Hita will introduce us to the world of transhumance, the main theme of this day. We will also have the opportunity to listen to the prestigious naturalist and thinker Joaquín Araujo and in the middle of the morning we will be visited by a flock of more than a thousand sheep that are traveling back to their winter quarters in the south of the Peninsula. This cattle show will be enlivened by the group Los Marzeros de Cervera with their pastoral songs. Saturday is loaded with activities for all audiences. An interesting workshop on the uses of wool given by the company La Trama de Ariadna, workshops on oil, paleontology, wine tasting. At sunset we can go on an excursion to observe the bellowing of the deer at its peak in those days. We will end again, with classical music and an interesting astronomical observation activity organized by Entre Encinas y Estrellas.

And on Sunday there will be activities until early afternoon. We will send the flock of sheep away. And the morning conferences will deal with ecotourism and the natural resources of the province of Palencia.

NATURCYL It will be a showcase of the regional, national and some countries that will promote their tourist destinations. Interested lovers of ecotourism and leisure in communion with the environment will be able to enjoy attractive proposals and news aimed at professional users and all fans in general.

It will take place outdoors in a privileged enclave on the Cantabrian coast, within the Montaña Palentina Natural Park, where all kinds of activities will be organized in the middle of nature. It will be the event of the year for lovers of nature, rural tourism and environmental conservation.

NATURCYL It is designed to relaunch one of the sectors with the most future and most sustainable in our country, Ecotourism, at a time when COVID-19 has affected so many sectors of the economy.

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