This is the Activities Program ( planned for the V edition of NATURCYL 2022. Most of this program will revolve around the theme of travel around the world, joining us in this way, to the celebration of the V Centenary of the 1st round the world of Magellan and Elcano. 

As is done in each new edition, this year's Program is full of novelties and interesting activities. It is difficult to choose which one to attend or participate in, since there are so many that some overlap in different venues. But this can be solved by spending the entire weekend at Naturcyl in a spectacular natural space, the Parque Natural de Montaña Palentina.

The activities are aimed at all people interested in enjoying nature, such as rural tourism, fauna and flora observation, photography, hiking, mountains, astronomy, botany, the rural world. This year outings and activities will also be organized for people with certain disabilities, using the Joëlette chair and other methods of inclusion.

The Leading Destination is the province of Teruel. We can safely say that one of the provinces with the most natural resources in our country and very little known. This destination will organize several activities throughout the fair.

On Friday there will be a nature tourism marketing day, with Spanish and international tour operators. Tour operator companies and receptive companies will exchange their commercial interests.  

The regional, provincial and local authorities will inaugurate the fair throughout the morning and it will be possible to attend interesting conferences or participate in thematic workshops. That Friday morning, Naturcyl will also visit hundreds of schoolchildren from Cervera de Pisuerga, Velilla del Río Carrión, Guardo and also from some schools in Cantabria.

In the late afternoon, the awards ceremony for the 5th edition of the Naturcyl 2022 Nature and Ecotourism Photography Contest will take place and the exhibition of the finalist photographs will be shown.

At 8:00 p.m. the film “Salvajes” by Alex Galán will be screened. When night falls there will be an astronomical observation activity.

Interesting conferences are scheduled for Saturday, such as that of the Godmother of Honor Naturcyl 2022, Sol de la Quadra Salcedo or that of the journalist and adventurer Sebastián Álvaro, plus a long cast of travelers and travel experts from all over the planet.

Workshops and tastings of artisan products will take place throughout the three days. And at lunchtime on Saturday there will be a tasting of Farinato with fried eggs and Bacalao a la Bras, typical dishes from Ciudad Rodrigo (Salamanca) and Almeida (Portugal). At sunset there will be an outing to observe the deer bellowing at its peak on those days. Around 8:00 p.m., the film “Panteras” by Andoni Canela will be screened.

In addition, on Saturday, the 2nd Conference on Nature Photography will be held in a classroom in the exhibition tent, and the 1st Conference on Astrotourism will take place in the Bresser Classroom.

We must not forget the exhibitions that will be exhibited at Naturcyl 2022: "V edition of the Nature Photography Contest", "Land of bustards" by photographer Carlos Sánchez, "The boat that went around the world" by artist Aristides Hernández, "Reservas of the Biosphere” of the OA Parques Nacionales, “Life Wetlands for Climate Project” of F. Global Nature and “Raices de Castilla” of the Mancomunidad Raices de Castilla.

NATURCYL will be a showcase of the regional, national offer and that of some countries that will promote their ecotourism destinations. Interested lovers of nature tourism and leisure in communion with the environment will be able to enjoy attractive proposals and novelties aimed at professional users and all fans in general. 

It will take place outdoors in a privileged enclave in the north of Palencia, within the Montaña Palentina Natural Park, where all kinds of activities will be organized in the middle of nature. It will be the event of the year for lovers of nature, rural tourism and environmental conservation.

NATURCYL is designed to relaunch one of the sectors with the most future and the most sustainable in our country, Ecotourism. 

The organization and the sponsoring entities encourage citizens to visit NATURCYL 2022.

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