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Friday September 23

(exhibition tent hours: 10:00 a.m. – 8:00 p.m.)




Castilla y León Tourism Services Marketing Day “Nature Tourism”.

Organizes: Junta de Castilla y León.

Attendance under the invitation of the Junta de Castilla y León.
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Opening of Naturcyl 2022.




Ecotourism proposals: “Innovative ideas for the promotion of ecotourism”.

Space to learn about different innovative ecotourism proposals that aspire to achieve differentiation, quality and emotion in the visitor.
Limited capacity: until the room is full.




"Tourist Sustainability Plan in the Mountain of Riaño".

Nicanor J. Sen Vélez and Miguel Ángel Ronchas Vélez

Deputy for Tourism, Diputación de León. | Manager of the Riaño Mountain Tourism Sustainability Plan.

Riaño Mountain Tourism Sustainability Plan (PSTMR) and how the actions will facilitate achieving a series of objectives, among which we can highlight adapting the destination to climate change, halting the loss of population in the rural world and evolving towards a sustainable tourism model that allows the socioeconomic development of the territory under the umbrella of sustainability. All these actions will make Montaña de Riaño an innovative tourist destination concerned with sustainability, with the capacity to continue growing and respond to future challenges, involving all those interested in tourism, generating confidence and competitiveness.




“Feel Teruel, a sustainable destination walking towards tourist excellence”.

Diego Pineiro

Deputy and Delegate of Tourism.

Destiny will show up #SienteTeruel, a sustainable destination, advancing in the direction of the SDGs, whose philosophy is to value a province with excellent natural, heritage, gastronomic, architectural resources and well-preserved pure tradition. For this, the Provincial Institution works with all the related entities, respecting the territory and training and working so that our towns grow and present a varied, sustainable and quality offer with large natural spaces, GRS, tourist products (TT, ornithology, paleontology, truffle tourism , spaces for relaxation and silence, forest baths, art and exquisite cuisine).




“The Sierra de la Demanda as an ecotourism destination and a successful experience: Living Paleolithic”

Stephanie Wall

Biologist and director of Paleolithic Vivo.

AGALSA Sierra de la Demanda is a rural development association declared of public utility, which works for the socioeconomic development of Sierra de la Demanda. AGALSA works for sustainable tourism development, linked to the natural values of the territory, and supporting initiatives that are committed to dissemination, conservation and sustainable tourism.
Living Paleolithic is an initiative led by a team of biologists, naturalists and scientists whose main objective is the promotion and conservation of nature, threatened species and their balance with man, within the defense and study of ecosystems.
In Paleolithic Vivo the visitor has the opportunity to live an experience conceived as a
Total immersion in Prehistory.




“The Cerrato Palentino as a wine tourism destination”.

Miguel Portillo Rodriguez,

Manager of ADRI Cerrato Palentino

“The Palencia region of Cerrato Palentino presents its brand as a wine tourism destination, projecting the authenticity of its heritage and gastronomy through its numerous Underground Cellar Districts, where tourists are given the experience of savoring the culture of wine at its source. ”.




“Ecotourism in Euskadi”.

Iker Urcelay

Basquetour product area. Basque Tourism Agency.

The great variety of natural resources allows the practice of multiple activities and experiences that make the Basque Country an ecotourist destination. An endless number of ecotourism activities: photography in nature, observation of different species of birds, mammals, cetaceans, routes for the interpretation of the natural environment, geological routes, or learning about and enjoying the traditions of an ancient people, among others.




"Tourist activities with donkeys, our experience, indications for training and handling and animal traction".

jesus of gabriel

Veterinarian, technician of the Zamorano-Leonés Donkey Association ASZAL.

Traveling is moving to see what is in the way and according to the speed they are seen more or less details.
The animal tractionMoving, for example, with a donkey, is a different and new experience, also sustainable for the climate and the conservation of the donkey breed.




“El Bierzo: renewable cultural and natural resources”.

Patricia Pérez Bruzos and Fernando Brugman Alcarez de Toledo

Bercian Studies Institute.




“Sustainable nature tourism in Alba de Tormes”.

Ana Ecija Leon

Culture and Tourism Technician of the City Council of Alba de Tormes

The Tourism Sustainability Plan in Destination Alba de Tormes is launched, to revalue the natural resources around the banks of the Tormes River and the VIFEPLA Greenway as a setting for routes and nature activities.
The objective is to attract responsible ecotourism in a strategic enclave of great environmental wealth located around the Historic Complex of the town of Alba de Tormes, which already has a mature destination in heritage and cultural tourism.
The project focuses on actions for environmental restoration of habitats, recovery of areas
environmental, waste management, mobility, sustainability, in order to create new tourism products such as bike routes, riverside walks, butterfly watching, river sports, regulated collection of plants and mushrooms or create a Star Light destination.




Screening of the film: "Wild". Wanda films 2022. Duration: 81 min.

Distant mountains, isolated shepherds, and a government determined to protect an invisible animal. But imposing an urban law in a rural territory will not be easy. In the north of Spain, a group of ranchers declared themselves in rebellion and opted for self-government. In the middle of the crossfire: photographers, rangers and naturalists.
"Wild" shows the most western Spain in a frenetic story where morale and damage depend on who is the sheriff. This documentary collects the social conflict of recent decades between man and wolf in the Iberian Peninsula.
Director: Alex Galan. Director of photography: David Rodriguez Muniz. Sound: Pedro Acevedo. Color: Jose Valle.
Soundtrack: Dead Bronco, Furia Trinidad, Moonshine Wagon, Desakato, Diego Pangua, Voodoo Grass,
Redneck Surfers, Pablo Undestruction. original music: Pedro Acevedo. Production: Nunatak Productions. Animation: Laura Garcia Calleja.
Limited capacity: until the room is full. Free entrance.

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