Primax 8×56 binoculars: <br>contemplate the world without losing detail

Primax 8×56 binoculars:
contemplate the world without losing detail
Naturcyl 2022

Primax 8×56 binoculars:
contemplate the world without losing detail

Bresser brings us closer to the wonders of Nature from all fields of optics: outdoor activities, observation, archery, astronomy, photography, microscopy...

Primax 8×56 binoculars: look at the world from a different perspective

BaK-4 fully coated 8×56 roof prism

Ideal for bird watching: with a 8x zoom, thanks to its field of vision, it will be able to follow the movements of the bird through the sky at a distance of 1000 meters. Its large 56mm diameter lets in plenty of light for a brighter image.

An animal at a distance of 800 meters appears to be only 100 meters away.

Approach: The Primax 8×56 have a very strong focus wheel to get a sharp image in the blink of an eye.

Suitable for people with glasses: equipped with rotatable eyepieces of adjustment to the distance between eyes and oculars that allows to use the whole field of vision, even with glasses. Diopter compensation: +/-4 to even out the differences in vision between the right and left eye.

BaK-4 glass lining premium (barium crown crystal) which guarantees the best possible image. Fully multilayer coated glass that increases light transmission and reduces reflections.

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