Sol de la Quadra-Salcedo, daughter of the mythical explorer, reporter, popularizer and creator of the Ruta Quetzal, Miguel de la Quadra-Salcedo, will act as Godmother of Honor and will participate with several conferences in the V edition of the International Fair of Naturcyl Ecotourism.

Architect, expert in landscape design and management and Master in Social Communication of Scientific Research. He learned from his teacher, the explorer and visionary D. Miguel de la Quadra-Salcedo, to cross limits, feel and spread to know, respect and protect our nature.

It is in nature photography where he finds a space to illustrate the process of a formula: “Creativity + Awareness = Networked Nature”. He has developed trips on photographic stalking of nature, written articles and taught courses on “The Art of Photographic Hunting”, the last one in the National Center for Environmental Education CENEAM for guides of natural spaces.

Passionate about the Man-Landscape-Nature Origin, she gives talks about the adventure of love and respect with our nature. “Journey to the Center of Origin of Las Motillas” is a fascinating journey through time, a talk he gave at the Brilliant Minds Congress sponsored by National Geographic.

On the occasion of the V Centenary of the first circumnavigation and with the theme "Going around the world", at TEDxULoyolaAndalucía in January 2020, he gave the talk “…and if it is the world that turns us upside down?” anticipating the possibility of ways to travel without moving through the lens to awaken the link with the biological processes that surround us.

It collaborates with the National Parks Network and the National Museum of Natural Sciences as laboratories of conscience. his last exhibition “Biophotography: Spain is not a place, it is an E <Motion” It is a journey through our bioterritory, an example of field interaction and number one Biosphere Reserve in the World, where it does not choose an objective, but looks through it to Re-Know Part of Nature and thus respect and protect it.

The passion for translating the way of perception of the environment of the living beings that surround us, leads him to teach ways of looking at our nature from awe to the youngest. Immersed in his latest adventure, How to become an Illustrated Scientific Expeditionary?, a project for children focused on awakening the innate talent that we all have to diaphragm with our hearts, defending that the survival of our species begins in the way we observe the life of the adventures of the surrounding worlds.

We will have the opportunity to listen to these and other reflections at Naturcyl 2022, on September 23, 24 and 25 in Ruega, Cervera de Pisuerga, Palencia.

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