International destinations module

International destinations – Institutions and public entities – Agencies and Tour Operators – Other tourist services

Basic module 3×3 meters (9 m2), pPrice per module: €495 (+VAT), included electrical panel, and lettering on the front
495,00  (VAT not included)

What includes

module size

The smallest module is: Basic module 3×3 meters (9 m2). If you need more space select more modules. If, due to the design of your stand, you only need the space, without walls, or any other type of configuration, write it down in the comments section of the order. The price of the stand is invariable, whether it goes with modular walls or without them. The floor of the stand will be carpeted.

Module price

The price of each module is 495,00  (VAT not included) (+VAT of 10%). Half modules cannot be reserved.

What includes

The reservation of the stand includes the electrical panel and signage on the front.

Free WIFI. A few days before the fair, the free Wi-Fi passwords, exclusively for exhibitors, will be sent by email to all exhibitors.

Discounts in the restaurant of the fair. Exhibitors will have a special price on the menus that are offered from the restaurant that is set up in the same fairgrounds. As well as a schedule and priority service so they don't waste time and don't have to wait in line for the general public.

Frequent questions

All reservations and payments for spaces and extra services can only be made through the web (

Payments will be made by credit card or bank transfer. There will be the possibility of making the payment in two installments; the first payment, corresponding to 30% of the total, at the time of making the reservation and the rest before thirty days from the beginning of the event. To have confirmation of the reservation, it will be essential to make the payment of the 30% of the total. More information in the exhibitor's rules manual or by mail

The organization will give a parking pass in the private area for exhibitors for one vehicle for each stand module. The exhibitors' car park is located near the fairgrounds. It will be essential to show the parking pass to the organization staff. More information in the exhibitor's rules manual or by mail

There are no common storage spaces available. It must be inside the stand or through daily replacement of the merchandise. There is also the possibility of contracting the construction of small warehouses within each exhibitor's own stand (see optional services). More information in the exhibitor's rules manual or by mail

Whenever it is notified and confirmed with any member of the organization through The courier must call the phone number provided by the organization before arrival. The organization will not be responsible for any deterioration or loss of what is sent. The material will be stored until Thursday morning, when the exhibitor must take charge of the merchandise. The address to which the merchandise must be sent is:

Naturcyl Fair    34840 Ruesga (Cervera de Pisuerga). –  Palencia

The fair will establish a night security service inside the enclosure on Thursday, Friday and Saturday from 9:00 p.m. to 8:00 a.m. the following day. The organization declines all responsibility for damages that due to weather accidents, smoke, theft or any act of any nature whatsoever, could be caused to the facilities and assets of any individuals, entities and organizations participating in the fair.

Exhibitors may have prefabricated stands or spaces for their decoration starting Wednesday at 12:00 noon. Exhibitors may not under any circumstances exceed the limits of their contracted stand or space, neither with elements (counters, chairs, etc…) nor with decorative materials. Leaving the corridors free for circulation.

International destinations module


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