the province of Zamora will be the Leading National Destination of the 2021 edition of the Castilla y León Ecotourism Fair NATURCYL, which will be held from September 24 to 26 in Ruesga (Cervera del Pisuerga, Palencia). The first and perhaps the only face-to-face nature tourism fair to be held throughout Spain.

The entire ecotourism sector, the regions and the business fabric of the province of Zamora will be prominently represented at the IV edition of the Castilla y León Ecotourism Fair NATURCYL, thanks to the collaboration of Zamora Tourist Board-Zamora Provincial Council. In addition to the different promotional actions, prior to and during the development of the event, which will reinforce the visibility of this province, the Provincial Institution has made it possible for the territory to be present at this event and will participate, among other activities, in the tourism contracting market of nature, with national and international tour operators that will be organized, as in previous editions, by the Junta de Castilla y León.

The Zamora Tourist Board will make a great effort to publicize the ecotourism potential of the province, different activities and actions will be organized during the fair around this rich cross-border province that offers very important natural, gastronomic, cultural and heritage resources.

The province of Zamora has what nature lovers appreciate the most, regions and places with a tranquility and peace difficult to find at the present time in other places, and an infinity of tourist resources for all types of public.

Green landscapes with leafy forests with a rich biodiversity; solitary river canyons, such as the Duero, with one of the best populations of large birds of prey and black storks in Spain; Wetlands of international importance, such as the Villafáfila lagoons, surrounded by areas of cereal crops with the world's largest population of great bustards, a species that has disappeared in most of its distribution area and that finds in these lands of Zamora a perfect place to to live; or the mountains and forests of Aliste and Sanabria where the wolf and other species make them visited by thousands of tourists every year.

But Zamora is more than nature. Numerous towns, beginning with the capital, continuing with Toro, Benavente, Puebla de Sanabria and many other municipalities, house a rich cultural and architectural heritage. And we cannot forget its gastronomy or its world-renowned wines.

All these spaces make Zamora a province to visit and enjoy its natural areas, its rich gastronomic products that can be tasted in the wide network of accommodation and restaurants and where our visit will always remain in the memory.

For NATURCYL It is an honor to have Zamora as a National Protagonist Destination, a wonderful place to visit and with an infinite tourist future.

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